triple surfaced cabinet

Year of production: 2021
Material: Walnut wood, glazed earthenware size: 90 x 60 x 42,5 cm
Edition: 30 + 2 AP

The surfaced cabinet blends different material characteristics within one functional sculpture. 30 ceramic tiles shape the front surface of the cabinet, merging together as one organic relief that seems a living structure set into stone. Every tile has it’s unique footprint and comes out of a different mold, creating a variety in shape and depth like a rhythm of fossils. The wooden foot is built up out of small vertical strokes of fineer that follow the natural lines of the wood. The lines in the wood and the wavy surface of the ceramic tiles bring a graphic sense to the piece which is loosely inspired by shapes you can find in nature when different organic substances come together and surprisingly take form as a sculpture in itself.

By request 8-10 weeks

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