Once upon a time, I was a forest

Wall mirror

Diameter: 110 cm / H: 20 cm

Coal, resin, hand polished brass, brass wire

Limited edition of 35

The unique approach of Eduard Locota towards art, embrace the permeability between art and function. An unique mirror that is as much sculpture as it is design.

By using coal as a manufacturing material, Eduard Locota is predicting a feasible future for coal, but not as one of the world’s leading combustibles.

If we analyzing the past of the material: its transformation from a plant into a rock, and currently into the fuel; we can try to predict the new and complex future of coal and similar fossil-fuel.

The artist is reinterpreting the purpose of fossil fuel, we actually go beyond recycling, towards an active transformation of the material.

The artwork tell the story our forests, of the trees and ecosystem in which we live, synthesized and transformed into a currency of exchange [reference to the golden color].

The lake in the center can be interpreted as a mirror of our ego.

Rather than look at an image of the artist’s making, the viewers are now confronted by themselves, questioning a long-held notion of transcending reality.

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