Ocragela_Anima 02. Bench

This project is an homage to the early human beings, who extracted various potentials from red ochre based on their authentic and primitive understanding of materiality. By assuming a similar attitude of inquisitive curiosity, the project challenges common perceptions around bioplastics and explores a new sustainable and biodegradable material, called Ocragela.

This 1st edition of furniture made of Ocragela questions the value of standardized mass-products of today. As anima, an origin word of animus which means rational soul, life or intelligence, signifies ‘breath’, this design is inspired by intuitive life-form of nature and inherently intelligent animals and processed in one-of-a-kind way from carving the wood to upholstering the structures with Ocragela.

Bench, under request

Materials: Ocragela (ochre, gelatin, glycerin, and water), wood, metal nail, natural oil wax.

Depth = 35cm Width = 117cm Height = 45cm

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