Melon skin Room divider

Room divider. Ceramic, brass, wood

190(H) x 100(L) cm


The Melon Skin is a research on texture, materiality and surface. The Melon Skin Wall ceramic sculpture contains of 112 hand cut ceramic tiles that visualize the texture of a melon’s skin. Inspired by its organic texture and touch the intention is to create the feeling of a living surface that can be applied as a modular system to any space. Every tile is casted from a mold of a canary type of melon, and when taken out of the mold the clay is pressed down by hand in the drying process, letting the air out and gently shaping it by hand and pushing it in different directions before it finally gets cut out as a tile and then is glazed. Every tile is a unique piece and by placing the tiles in a random order the wall becomes an organic structure that transforms into a breathing surface

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