Mask, fishing line, resin, mixed media.



A deep echo vibrates in each body of Maria Ignacia Walker’s work, since the body is the central theme of her artistic practice. Once again we are faced with Walker’s obsession with a brutal and sudden loss of the skin, perceived as a protective shell and container of emotions and sensations. Unlike “Trascendieron”, where the artist collected, measured and filed her hair, she is now counting all the body surface. 

Walker recreates our “daily protective layer” by weaving a myriad of tiny spheres into a peculiar weave, where synthetic resin cells are built into an intricate structure and assembled into a “dress” for our body. A meticulous investigation of the artist that transforms into tangible objects that can be worn. Walker brings resin to life, patiently embroidering this material in a long process of (feminine) meditation, turning it into a poetic eulogy of regeneration, deconstruction and construction as part of rebirth, joyfully echoing the cycles of nature.

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