DARK MATTER side table

For sound to exist, vibrations of atoms and molecules must travel through a medium such as air or water. Since molecules do not exist in vast regions of the universe, sound cannot travel through deep space. This has not stopped scientists at NASA from using audio clips to recognize subtle differences in how stars travel and how the sun’s magnetic field fluctuates. This procedure, known as sonification, is recognized among heliophysicists, astrophysicis-ts, and doctors.

Sonification is used to visualize sound data, such as the beep from a heart rate monitor, a door bell ringing, or in this case, when stars come into contact with a black hole. ‘Boom’, an audio clip from NASA’s public domain, is converted into into a visual soundscape. ‘Boom’ is further abstracted by manipulating it into shapes and surface textures for DARK MATTER.

Possible sizes:
46x36x36 cm/ 51x36x36 cm/ 56x36x36 cm.

Possible finishes:

Cast plaster, custom pigment.

Plaster, custom camouflage pigments

Limited edition of 50
Made to order: 6-8 weeks

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