Yasuaki Matsumoto - pieza de arte
Japan, photography



My aim is to lead the viewers to open up their doors to the imagination and start creating their own stories from the images I make.

With my photography, I capture invisibles of the world. Piles of time, scent of memory, world without words… It differs depending on each project, but I have always been seeking to visualize the beauty that sits beyond visible.

I use an 8×10″ camera with gelatin silver and wet plate collodion as my medium because I believe this super old school alchemy has the ability to absorb the most “raw” out of the world and make the magic happen.
Besides such facts, I love art in which I can feel the temperature of the artist.

I enjoy working physically with my hands getting dirty. My art is not perfect. It is rather rough and raw that has my warmth.

“Dreamed reality.”