Ursula Commandeur - pieza de arte
Germany, sculpture



White gold, as porcelain is also called with admiration, has always had a mysterious halo, brought to Europe in the time of Marco Polo, porcelain assumed a prominent role in sculptural art, from there different techniques were developed artistic. Today’s artists such as Úrsula Commandeur develop their important work under the tradition to which she applies innovative methods and techniques.

Her pieces show an image of tension and strength while spreading tenderness and character. The framework that is created by arranging the different materials, wires and ceramics, is essential so that the sensation of an object with a life of its own occurs; different units that are added into a whole in which each part is essential.

Her works create a poetic between the hard, the soft, the cold, the warm … that attracts those who contemplate them. There is a special appeal in the fact that the work of art is tempting to touch, to be touched. This is so, because when worked with Úrsula’s techniques, porcelain is a material that radiates flexibility.

Ultimately, Úrsula Commandeur’s art is a dialogue between the purest art and the abstraction of the concepts of life. It shows us a release of your imagination and a practice full of ideas.