Romain Vicari - pieza de arte

Brasil, sculpture




Romain Vicari, born in Paris in 1990, of Italian-Brazilian roots, develops his activity between São Paulo and Paris. Graduated from ENSA Dijon (2012) and ENSBA Paris (2014), he is the winner of the Discovery Prize of the Friends of the Palais de Tokyo in 2016.

His work, based on a formation that accumulates influences, opts for the significance of the human figure, in a clear anthropomorphism of indigenous roots and primitive motifs, in which American ancestral peoples and cultures are the inspirational source of a final work that evolves  towards the latest trends. In this way a certain irony becomes visible, in that the European culture stop being the “motu proprio” of the work.

Sounds, rhythms, symbols, objects and materials, plaster, resin, sand, rice, also light and the shaman dance ritual are the true reasons to create a work of authentic vindictive value.

His latest proposals, sculptures, installations, open the double social and individual aspect, the rural and urban location, where he reflects a round trip between the two worlds,

opens up to religious spirituality and its accumulation provides a world of free expression and a program of tropical exuberance, which synthesizes his artistic career and interests: art, science, anthropology, history, ecology, music …

Proof of all this are some of the important venues where he has exhibited his work: Palais de Tokyo (Paris 2018), Villette de Paris (2020 and 2019), Magasins Généraux (Pantin 2018), Ateliers Vortex (Dijon 2017) ), At the Parc Saint Léger, Center d’Art Contemporain (Dorne 2017)… Furthermore, Romain is curator of the ThunderCage project in Aubervilliers.

““Once upon a time…”