Pavel Vishnevsky - pieza de arte
Russia, furniture



My name is Pavel Vishnevsky, I am 24 years old, I was born and live in the city of Khabarovsk, Russia. Graduated from art school. Received a Bachelor of Interior Design from Pacific National University. I am also actively engaged in portrait photography and shooting video clips.

In the process of studying at the university, I groped for my own pictorial language and realized that I like the translation of it through pieces of furniture reflecting my vision and attitude much more than anything else.

To this day, the creation of designer furniture is my priority occupation with which I would like to connect my whole life. I really like to create abstract bionic forms that resemble living beings and function as furniture, I call them “functional art objects”.

The images that I create in object design are born between paper and pencil in abstract sketches, they themselves pour out of me when I touch the paper with a pencil. Then I draw them in more detailed sketches, make small clay models, or recreate them in 3D.

The main material in my artwork is waste paper. I grind the paper into a homogeneous mass, mix it with glue and gypsum, then apply the resulting mass to the frame. Further, the pieces are covered with decorative materials.

“Dreams with a view.”