PAIN - pieza de arte
Spain, photography




PAIN is the tandem of the artist Elena Gallen and the photographer Nerea López. An experimental project in which we create everyday objects in bread, ephemeral and biodegradable.

At PAIN we use flour as a fundamental material to create organic design furniture, everyday objects and sculptural pieces, it is for us a material of choice with an experimental and conceptual purpose.

Bread becomes an exotically familiar creative territory, in which we experiment with creating ephemeral and biodegradable sculptural everyday objects in baked flour that leave no trace in the environment. In this particular sense, the choice of material does seem to refer to the times in which the piece was created and which in turn serves as a metaphor for the native-digital generation: the piece itself is neither durable nor conserved over time, it is created and discarded, its memory being preserved through the photographs we take of the objects.

Our objects often seek a surprising contrast between the natural and the artificial, to everyday and dysfunctional objects that refer us to interior design and that have a direct correlation with the home and day to day, looking for inspiration those objects that have been accompanying us during these last post-pandemic months and that we have decided to reinterpret with a certain naturalistic and SURREAL touch. On the other hand, we also develop sculptural objects with a clear interest in shapes and the aesthetic function that they can acquire.

It is therefore the value of the resulting image and not the piece itself, which can be considered the work itself.