Kerstin Amend-Pohlig - pieza de arte
Germany, sculpture



To conceive and develop something unusual, something unconventional and to bring it into a positive form is a constant challenge – a never-ending story. With this conviction Kerstin approaches again and again with most different techniques and materials the development and conversion of her ideas and conceptions.

Kerstin deals with the phenomena of simultaneity and timelessness with the traces left by the past in the present. She creates organic light sculptures and sculptures, in which the joy of life always resonates. Massively solid materials such as stone and iron and a flexible material mixture of plaster and fine-grained stone are made malleable with cardboard and plastics.

The ideas, initially fixed in thoughts and sketches, are followed by a loose form. Through impulses during the making process the clear form is formed. Acrylic is tapped, rubbed, pasty and glazed into all layers and form areas with the hands in a subtle color mixture. The painting technique strongly determines the interaction and expression of the sculptures and objects.

“Light sculptures.”