Jung Min Park - pieza de arte
Korea, sculpture


My works are glazed ceramic sculptures with colourful and abstract carved drawings on surfaces. Each of them has a unique watery sound echoing from inside. Sound enhances the self-growing rhythm by filling the whole exhibition space with unknown rhythmical sound; the sound of liquid and biological movements. Both the visual and sound generate the illusion of self-growing creatures. Through my ceramic sculptures, I explore the unique relationship between the body and the repetition.

My work begins with a question of how the body interacts with the world through repetitive processes. The physical body exists at the boundary between self and outside, and it is where all the experiences are accumulated. The stimuli received from the surroundings through bodily senses are translated and interpreted to individuals in a unique way differing on the perspective of each person, which constantly changes depending on what we experience. These repetitive interactions between the body and the surrounding constantly happen while producing diverse phenomenon that led to the question about the principles of existence, sustainment and production.


Repetition has a significant role in the process of formation and hints the possibility of ongoing growth. For my ceramics sculpture, I repeatedly pile up the string of clay until the shape slowly falls down on the weight of the material itself. Then I let these organic and accidental forms harden and repeat the same process over and over again. The clay has its own rhythm and it closely interacts with the person who works on it and records the process on itself. By reproducing the process of interaction between the body and the world, I investigate our everyday phenomena that individuals encounter with their body and this will lead to the understanding of the basic principles of life.