Jackie Slanley - pieza de arte

Vietnam, ceramic



Jackie’s work utilizes laser-cut plexiglass as a mode of storytelling. She re-contextualizes archived images of flora, fauna, and environments to explore relationships between history, fiction, and experience.

Plexi is cut, layered, and fastened together with nuts and bolts, a balancing act that brings poise to their simultaneous instability. Film-like gradient is built up with many layers of tinted transparencies, precipitating each color glow from within.

Using vectors to create digital imagery, she is drawn to symbols that has endured through time by way of myth. For example, fire from the first archived depictions of Hell in 12th century Japanese scrolls can be found rising from every one of the sculptures, each piece set ablaze, depicting a world on fire.

Jackie Slanley is a first-generation Vietnamese American artist living in Brooklyn NY. She is world building with objects by re-imagining symbols and archetypes. She has been an artist in residence at Ox – Bow School of Art and a recipient of a sculpture fellowship at Vermont Studio Center. She has shown nationally and internationally in NYC, Kansas City, Washington D.C, Austria, and Spain. She received her BFA in painting from Hunter College and her MFA in sculpture from Pratt Institute.

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