Daeun Kim - pieza de arte

Corea, furniture



Daeun is a designer and visual artist based in Seoul, South Korea. After majoring in metal art and design at Hong-ik University, she began to explore forms and materials, making it the central motif of her work.

She is interested in the interaction of human beings with the furniture around them. Her work is characterized by organic curves that symbolize a silhouette containing poetic expressions. Starting from forms that are in nature, even those defined numerically, she arrives at complex creations without forgetting the most essential. The way nature makes the perfect balance with curves is a source of inspiration in her designs.

“I make sculptures that have the beauty of the balanced curves seen in nature. Then I think about the symbol that is unconsciously reflected in them. Also, I am interested in the different symbols that other people find, the unintentional ones”.

Daeun is specializes in metal art, a difficult to handle but very enduring material, although due to her adventurous nature she enjoys experimenting with different materials and ways of working. Her work pursues a compromise in which art and design can communicate properly.

» Modeling shapes «