Cecilia Margareta - pieza de arte
Sweden, furniture



I am an Interior Architect and furniture designer specializing in work combining digital artistic research and craft. My experience covers different types of 3D-scanning technologies, such as photogrammetry, light structure, laser, and infrared scanning, a wide range of software for 3D-modeling, architectural planning, and graphic design. I am a skilled craftsman and know my way around contemporary digital design processes, digital manufacturing techniques, and traditional workshop tools. My work can be contextualized as a continuous exploration of thresholds between the real and the virtual.

As a person, I am observant, outspoken and caring. In a group scenario, I am often a moderator. I like to inspire people to participate, find solutions and have fun. I am interested in collaboratory design processes and have experience in organizing and moderating creative workshops and seminars.

In the future, I want to continue my studies for a doctorate focusing on new technologies and spatial design. I am interested in how we could stretch spatial characteristics while embracing important issues such as questions regarding mental health and environmental awareness. I like a challenge, increasing responsibilities and I love working with research and concept visualization, both digital and physical.

“Design and feeling”