Brent Warr - pieza de arte
                                                  Atlanta, furniture



Brent Warr is a furniture designer/maker specializing in sculptural art, collectible furniture, and lighting, using plaster as his main medium. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, he uses unconventional materials typically not found in the use of furniture and lighting design. Brent views that his designs and art should make others feel a bit uncomfortable or form an opinion. Pushing them to view something in a new light or helping them reach a more imaginative part of themselves.

Graduating from the College of Architecture, Design and Construction at Auburn University, he went to work as a Designer for Meyer Davis Studio and Yabu Pushelberg in New York City. There, his eye for design evolved as he was exposed to global collective design and high-end clientele. Since then, he has made a strong effort to submerge himself in his work, drawing influences from past and present artists and designers.

Some inspiration for his work can be drawn from that of Brâncuși, Cy Twombly Jr., and Radcliffe Bailey. Brent focuses on the total composition of a piece rather than its individual parts. The mediums create one large image, allowing his experiences to manifest in the form of line, color, and texture.

His practice is driven by form, function, and artistry. Creation of beautiful and one of a kind pieces that incorporate traditional and contemporary techniques allowing the client and viewer to reach a more imaginative part of themselves.