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Located in the south of France, in the Aveyron region, the Plum bum publishing house was born from the meeting of three lovers of design and decoration. At Plumbum we focus on handicrafts, we produce pieces with a high poetic density and noble materials. The design of original pieces, from furniture to objects is a collaboration of different designers, in the same workshop we exchange ideas, strategies and knowledge.
The Founders
The collaboration between Laurent Jouany and Léandre Carbonneaux began in Laguiole, both evolving in the world of porcelain, and Fanny Carbonneaux, at the same time developing furniture design.
It only took meeting young designers in 2017 and a desire to support local knowledge for the Plumbum furniture publisher to emerge.
Plumbum: graphite mine used by Roman architects.
This is also the name of our pet, a little French bulldog.
Tawla Agency
DPLG architects and designers Zeïneb Ben Hiba and Bastien Marion are partners in life and work. It is in the heart of the city of Rodez where they settled after spending several years in Paris.
It is the fruit of a simple and authentic meeting between the members of Plumbum and Tawla that led to the creation of an outdoor lounge, also available in an indoor version. The idea was to break the codes of outdoor living rooms by providing a decidedly contemporary touch, while maintaining a glamorous touch.
Eric Gizard
Eric Gizard draws his inspiration and references from contemporary decorative arts.

Assertive, telescopic contrasts in the use of materials and colors, work in «clairsobscurs», an intelligent mixture of tradition and modernity are its identity traits.


“Everyday spatial innovation.