Nitsa Meletopoulos - pieza de arte

France, sculpture



Nitsa Meletopoulos develops her art on the border between design, pottery and sculpture. Her pieces are a combination of different ceramic techniques like throwing, molding as well as 3D printing. Interested in Maximalism, Grotesque and those cumulative styles that overflow, she develops an aesthetics of excess. She mixes styles, playing with pop, historical and traditional references. She balances between the natural and the artificial, even the supernatural, with sometimes a psychedelic repertoire of colors, creating strange organic pieces that disturb the perception.

Nitsa Meletopoulos studied art and psychoanalysis in Montpellier university and then in the art school of Avignon and graduated in 2010. In 2014, during a residency in Leipzig (Germany) she started working with clay. She then lived there 4 years, working for a ceramic factory as well as managing the Franco-German cultural platform “Fugitif”. In 2018 she returned to France to strengthen her ceramic technical skills in Maison de la céramique de Dieulefit school. She now lives and works in Burgundy and Ardeche.

“An ambiguous look.”