Genaro Bastardo - pieza de arte

Venezuela, sculpture



He was born and studies artistic studies in Venezuela. His traveling interests have reached multiple destinations, although he currently resides in La Mancha, in the Toledo town of Villafranca de los Caballeros.

From the beginning of his artistic career, he has been haunted by an intense feeling of commitment to the world around him. That feeling is what has always driven him to want to restore what we have damaged on our planet for one reason or another. In his works the discarded materials are always present, to which he tries to restore life, their condition.

Remains of the pruning of the almond trees, fig trees and vines in their environment, natural fibers such as esparto, together with the handmade paper with cardboard boxes and newspapers, as an element that arises from the manipulation and transformation of what were those trees before , result in works where recovery and assembly are protagonists.

The Amazon jungle is present in his youthful memories, in which the artist had the opportunity to enter, bathe in its rivers and sleep under its trees. For this reason the “TEPUYES” have great relevance in the “URDIMBRE” series.

Legend has it that the Tepuis that we know today as one of the oldest geological formations on the planet, at the beginning of the world were gigantic trees. To populate and give fertility, the gods cut down these trees so that they would spill all their fruits on the earth.

Trees that come back to life at the hands of the artist Genaro Bastardo, who, as if it were a warp, manages to shape the different and necessary “trees of life”.


“Shapes in motion.”