Clara Graziolino - pieza de arte

Italy, sculpture



“I’m inspired by the objects that surround me in everyday life. I imitate, study, repeat and multiply them with clay, to transform daily life in poetry. I love to start with a simple common shape and transform it in a precious artwork through the ceramics process.”

CLARA GRAZIOLINO (Turin, 1975), is an Italian artist who works with clay in sculptures and site specific installations.

With a degree in contemporary history from the Turin University and a diploma from the Art and Restoration Institute of Florence, she moved to Madrid to deepen her knowledge of ceramic sculpture.

At the ECM Ceramic School, she developed her own vision and her personal approach to the field of contemporary ceramics and in 2016 she won the first prize of the Spanish Ministry international ceramics competition.

Her artworks are unique handmade sculptures, designed and produced with high temperature ceramics, as in the Japanese tradition. Every part of the ceramic process is personally managed by the artist in her studios in Turin and Madrid, with a special care for the surfaces, that she treats with her characteristic process of clay slips and glazes stratification.

Beside showing her work in art galleries and museums, Clara usually collaborates with renowned interior designers from Europe and United States, creating tailored artworks for many projects and spaces in New York, London, Los Angeles and Moscow among others.

“As in the wabi-sabi philosophy, I’m fascinated by the textures of matter, the signs of time, fissures and imperfections”

“Everyday poetry.”