In the different disciplines of Art, the word design is widely used to refer to the composition, style and decorative elements of a work. Design is the phase of creative doing, in which the artist projects the way to interconnect the parts of the work (shape, color, material) in a coherent whole, for aesthetic and communication purposes.

Serve the above as a general preamble to talk about interior design or interior design. Interior design is a modality of architecture that has had an autonomous development from the second half of the 20th century. Professionally it does not have strictly delimited coordinates, but it tends to deal with aspects that work on a small scale and that are and are assimilated to the creation of environments. Within interior design, two major categories are distinguished, residential and non-residential: the latter has recently reached great diffusion and relevance for the design of hotels, shops, industries, schools, offices, restaurant businesses and show rooms.

Frequently, interior design is associated with architectural planning, so that there is an implication between the global construction and the living spaces, emphasizing the harmonization of the building, the landscape, the interior, the furniture; THE SMALLEST DETAIL CREATES THE ENVIRONMENT. Interior design is based on the adequacy between form and function – objects must fit their intended purposes, the aesthetic expression of the social and economic conditions of the time, and the use of suitable materials and techniques. Of all the interior design elements, the most important is space; SPACE IS THE RAW MATERIAL THAT THE ARTIST WORKS AND MOLDES (light, proportions, scale, color, texture). The manipulation of space is both functional and aesthetic: it is a whole COMMUNICATIVE LANGUAGE OF THE MOODS.

To finish we would like to remember a Spanish master of interior design and furniture JOSÉ JUAN BELDA, it serves to illustrate the above: RECREATED ENVIRONMENTS AND OBJECTS OF GREAT BEAUTY, WHICH DETERMINES THE ENJOYMENT OF THEM. Serve as an example: the “Fly Chair” in which the idea is the basis of the function and its appearance, and the “Gong Armchair”, two of his most famous creations.

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