Impossible worlds

Impossible worlds

Days, work, interpersonal relationships, world events and news, an education attached to the functional and productive, mean that we are closer to realistic representation than to the world of imagination and fantasy.

Based on this approach, it is appropriate to reflect on the reason for the proliferation in art of the oneiric, unreal, imaginary, chaotic, utopian, dystopian, etc….

I come to express a hypothesis: man tries through artistic creation to give a sense of beauty to the paradoxes of human existence and finally to the abysses of emotions.

Criticism of the artistic establishment, which advocates spontaneity, vindication of the contamination of academic teaching that is rooted in the most banal and humble reality. Intentional unreality, expiration of space and time, cessation of chronology, incidence of science, stimulating and diffuse images, contradictory constructions of the spirit, escapism, ironic vision, social satire, degradation of the rational to the point of irrationalism, will to transcend existence and being; in short, a world that starts from the material to become dark energy.

Impossible worlds, forces of the absurd and the fantastic, nature run amok, telluric forces full of heresy: a chaotic order that sustains the ultimate meaning of a supernatural, hallucinated and magical, unusual and elusive art.

I think that in recent times there is a clear tendency in art towards the aforementioned; creators are aware of the multiplicity of beauty and embark on its message and dissemination.