Geometric and organic figures

Beginnings and definition of organic art-pieza-de-arte

Many artists use in their works techniques where geometric and organic figures are reflected, but, do we really know the differences between them? When we visit a gallery, do we know how to differentiate in a painting or sculpture between a geometric composition or an organic composition? All these questions usually arise when you study several artists or you are immersed in reading about the art world and for this reason it is always advisable to investigate the author, his technique, the method used and above all what he is trying to transmit with this work.


Geometric figures


According to its exact definition “it is a set whose elements are points”, in short, the figure is made up of several points that fill a space and indicate a position, it is an organized structure. The classification is as follows:

  • Point: shows the beginning and end of a line.
  • Line: reflects a progression of dots showing length not width and points to a position and a direction. Plane: has length, width, lines, location and path, is two-dimensional, e.g. polygons, hyperbolas, polyhedra…


Organic figures


As explained in previous post, these figures are more imperfect and we can see them through works made with natural materials as they usually follow curved patterns. The main characteristics:

  • They are not rectilinear.
  • The figure or object is irregular
  • Natural look
  • Appearance that conveys peace, tranquillity and harmony


A clear example among the types of compositions and shapes used can be found in painting, whose techniques are usually cubism or abstraction, where geometric figures are applied, reflecting a feeling of hardness, excellence and order. On the contrary when techniques are applied for the creation of organic figures that symbolize natural forms alluding to nature, therefore it is essential to have a good knowledge of lighting and shadows.


Geometric Art




Organic Art


Marine Biology Series Chair (natural wood) by Son Tae Seon

Marine Biology Series Chair (natural wood) by Son Tae Seon


In short, artists usually use geometrical and organic shapes in their works of art in different ways, as it depends a lot on what the person wants to make the spectator or the art critic understand.