Art and surrealism in interior decoration

Art and surrealism in interior decoration

Art and Design

If we ask any ordinary person about the difference between art and design, they will probably state that they are two identical concepts, but experts on both sides confirm the opposite, as they consider design to be a form of expression whose aim is to solve a problem, and art is explain as a way of showing an idea or a feeling, with the aim of establishing a relationship with the spectator that provokes a sensation or reaction.
We can say that both words have differences and similarities, since both works are influenced by aesthetics, they use shapes and colours and the environment serves as inspiration, but on the other hand, the artist creates works for pure enjoyment while the designer usually works on commission.


Diseño de arte surrealista por Vincent Darre
Vincent Darré’s surrealist Paris apartment


Linked to the two concepts explained above and in order to understand the new decorative current in greater depth, we must also go back to Breton’s manifesto of 1924, where he explains that:
“Surrealism is a pure psychic automatism by which an attempt is made to express, verbally or otherwise, the real functioning of thought in the absence of any control exercised by reason outside any aesthetic or moral concern”.
What Breton intends to express in his words is that Surrealism is based on a series of investigations by artists with a unique style through revolution, through the unconscious and the irrational.
This theory is based on Freud’s interpretation of dreams, which praises revolution, rejects social conventions and adds the methods of psychoanalysis.


Art and surrealism in interior decoration - pieza de arte
Mae West Lips Sofa by Salvador Dalí 1937

Characteristics of surrealist decoration

Surrealist decoration is based on these revolutionary changes, fleeing from the conventional, with a different and unusual aesthetic, where the creations can have many interpretations, but its style is unique and shows a taste for extravagant accessories.
For this reason, the following are the characteristics of this trend in decoration:

  • L The accessories are usually curious and eye-catching
  • Can be combined with antique objects
  • The elements are combined to create a different vision of the space
  • The furniture tends to impress by its rarity and although it may seem uncomfortable, it is, in fact, uncomfortable

They are, as they tend to be versatile and functional.
This kind of decoration and furniture has been around for years, with relevant artists such as George Lindemann’s Miami home, decorated by Frank de Biasi, UP5 Donna by Gaetano Pesce1969, Meret Oppenheim Traccia table, Chair from the Surreal Minimalism series by David Pompa 2008…


Art and surrealism in interior decoration - pieza de arte
Hand-Chair by Pedro Friedeberg


Having all these influential sources of relevant artists who have included surrealism in their works of art within reach, we can ask ourselves many questions, but honestly we will never be able to answer them, since artistic currents are constantly changing and what is booming now, the next day may be outdated, although really this style, theory or movement that combines the old modern and eccentric will always be present, since a piece of furniture or decoration that does not attract attention, does not cause that feeling that we all want to have when we see an artistic work for the first time.