Kitte is art and design.

Created by David Puente, antique dealer and interior designer and Leticia García cultural manager. Kitte is a digital space that begins its adventure with one foot in the traditional gallery and the other in creating synergies between artists and art lovers, the world of design, and the antiques.

We want to focus on the promotion of emerging artists who are interested in the mixture and confrontation of different cultures and times; artists who come from different countries, various tendencies and plural disciplines; that work a disparate accumulation of materials and supports. Artists who extract, from the forms, textures and natural processes typical of their territories, the inspiration to create unique pieces that tell stories about their origins.

Among the works present in Kitte there is a common denominator, an artistic vision that is based on the organic, the combination of the natural order with the manual and the artisanal, which seeks a vision of harmony between man, urban culture and the world of nature.

We intend, from the artist's perspective, to rely on an understanding and explanation of the work, which goes from the first creative steps to its final execution.

Artists who create environments and activate practices, who investigate new forms of expression.

Kitte is not only this proposal, we want to add to it a vision in which antiques and twentieth-century design are contrasted with the contemporary look. The clash of temporalities is for us a new space-time of coexistence.

“We want to give and receive the substances that keep us alive: ideas, beauty, stories, oddities, objects with a soul.”